Saturday, September 17, 2016

How to Encourage Your Child to Read

The greatest gift that a parent can give to his child is the love for reading! Other than 'love' of course.

The more a child reads the more he learns and the smarter he becomes. Above all, his love for reading earns him life long joys and a lifelong companionship that is second to none.

Give him an Early Start:

Its never too early to start. The earlier, the better. Even though babies as young as 1 month are hardly capable of understanding a complex thing such as reading, reading to them distinctly benefits them. They start learning to focus their sight on the book, listen to the sounds of reading, decode expressions of the reader and the very ritual of reading activity.
You do it for two days and watch your little one reach out for a book with a heavenly toothless smile and you know exactly what he is trying to say: Read to me!

Choose Age Appropriate Book:

A great deal of science goes into making age appropriate books for children as every age group has its own specific characteristics and limitations. Baby books are specially designed with large colorful pictures of objects that a baby already knows in his world and thick stiff laminated pages that he can turn himself or toss around without damaging them the core idea being to get him used to books and the joys that reading them brings. As a child's vocabulary grows he is able to comprehend simple story line and text supporting pictures. So reading a 10 paged book about dancing monkeys may be more enjoyable to a two year old than The Little Red Riding Hood.

Choose Books According to his Likes:

A child who finds cars or vehicles more interesting will definitely react positively to a book about cars or vehicles, airplanes, police, machines etc rather than fairy, witch, spell book. Choosing according to a child's personal interests helps boost his interest in books and reading. Do it the other way round and you may be putting him off ...

Keep Upgrading. Keep Experimenting:

A child who loves car books, if only listens to car books will probably stay at car books. On the other hand, gentle upgrading from your side to trucks, buses, airplanes and so on will help him widen his interest area and develop his ability to accept and learn more things rather than staying fixed at one.
The key is in your hands!

Build the Right Environment and Conditions:

A child is more likely to have interest in reading if he has lots of books in his house rather than having too little or none. Providing a book rich environment is directly proportionate to child's interest in books and reading. A child who grows up near animals and nature, appreciates animals and nature. One growing up close to electric gadgets has a natural affinity with gadgets and technology. Same could be said about music, art...or weapons. A point to remember here is if you have too many other interesting (to him) things around him such as audio books, cartoon programs, toys with audio visual technology etc then books may not be able to take a front row.

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