Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Starry Night

A Starry Night 

I and he, he and I,
Lay beneath a starry sky;

The night was chilled, our hearts on fire,
Swimming in oceans of desire;

And he said: 'You're mine. Mine forever!'
'Yes,' I whispered, 'Your's forever!'

We took our vows under the stars,
Became one till death only do us part;

He's my dream, my guide, my heart and soul,
My life's mainstay; he makes me whole;

Beside him I'll walk, sink or swim,
He's only for me, I'm only for him;

With him I laugh, with him I cry,
In his arms I wish to live, in his arms I wish to die...!

I wrote this poem last Friday 7th October while driving to work. 
It is dedicated to my husband...!

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