Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is my Life About Myself or is it About Others?

A few days ago, I received an interesting post on Facebook that set me thinking:

Is it true that we have nothing of our own in our lives? Are we so completely controlled by others?
Really? Well, maybe not....

Birth may be given by others but its your life and your existence- not theirs!

Name may be given by others- but you and your actions make it count. Or not count!

Education may be given by others- but it is you who receive it and benefit by it the most. Or not!

Income may be given by others- but you earn it and you dispense it!

First and last bath is given by others- well here you're helpless. And it is a cultural thing.

Property and belonging after death is taken by others - you're helpless again; Try taking it with you...

If we think it is unfair that others have so much interference in our life then probably we're focusing too much on others instead of focusing on ourselves. We are free independent beings and should stay as such.

And yet! And yet!!

Look at it carefully and we find life is really all about others- so much so that we are incapable of even entering into this world on our own, forget existing in it completely on our own!

Not only we receive our birth, our name, our education and income through others but practically every single thing that we can think of.

We eat food produced ( and cooked) by others, live in house made by others, wear clothes made by others, drive our car or ride a bus made by others, drink water supplied by others, enjoy modern comforts and luxuries all produced/ supplied by others.

Want more? We breathe air produced by others (trees), water by others ( the rivers), food by others ( plants). We need our other half to produce a baby (or adoption agency or technology and fertility experts to do it in case one does not want to depend on a partner). And no matter how much we love ourselves we need others to love us too.

Confess. We couldn't count even if we tried to.

But it is not a problem of something called 'others'. It is law of nature and it is called Interdependence.

It exists everywhere from gigantic planets and galaxies to tiny particles of dust. Everyone and everything is closely interconnected and depends on certain others to survive, to thrive, to sustain, to maintain, to live!

The Earth depends on the sun to heat her up; the oceans depend on the sun to make rains- . The plants depend on us for their co2 and we on them for our oxygen. The flowers depend on bees to pollinate themselves, the bees on flowers to feed. The instances are mind bogglingly complicated, intricate, endless and countless...!

Nature exists in perfect harmony and every living or non living organism on earth including we humans, is wired to depend on others for a harmonious, balanced and synchronized coexistence.

And nature is just one example of interdependence. Family, country, banks, schools, businesses, offices, communities, societies, our bodies, technologies...all are forms of complex interdependence we cannot think to do away with.

Existing completely on our own is unthinkable and even if it were possible it wouldn't be worth that much trouble. When we receive so much from others, is it not fair that we give to others too?

We get so much when we share. When we give, we receive.

Life is all about others. Keep giving and you'll keep getting.
Whichever way we choose to look at it, Nature teaches us to respect what we receive from others and give graciously when it our turn. The more we give- the more we receive. And what else do you think is aforestation, conservation of energy and natural resources and animal and plant protection for?
What do you think is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter all about?

You may live for yourself alone - Try it - It's not even worth trying - your life just won't be self fulfilling and happy.

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