Saturday, November 12, 2016

Glorious Autumn

Oh what a joy it is to behold with eyes,
The glory of Autumn like a paradise!
The flaming reds, the firy yellows,
The golden oranges, while green mellows;
One by one they take their leave,
Like untrue friends on troubles' eve;
Leaving trees all cold and naked,
Their glory's gone - all dry and waste;
Once so charming - full of color -
Now dying humbly in a haste!
Time to depart - yet so much splendor? 'Tis insane!
And I complain: So much beauty! isn't it all in vain?
But no. Autumn shows us how to die,
In tranquil grace and doesn't defy,
The laws of nature that all must keep,
Whether rich or poor, man or beast;
How I wish when my time comes,
I die too like an Autumn leaf,
Clad in calm, and charm, and beauty, 
Without sorrow, without grief!
Farewell Autumn leaves, go rest in peace.
The trees are strong to deal alone as they please.
When winters are gone and new spring comes
I'll see new leaves again on trees...!

Ratna Srivastava

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